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72 Steel Group Exchange Meeting Was Held in Pittsburgh, the "Steel Capital" of the United States

72 Steel Group Exchange Meeting Was Held in Pittsburgh, the "Steel Capital" of the United States

72 Steel Group Exchange Meeting Was Held in Pittsburgh, the "Steel Capital" of the United States

 72 Steel Steel Group held an exchange meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, which was attended by Pittsburgh government officials, representatives of power, environmental protection, railways and other departments, and representatives of the company's equipment suppliers. Everyone expressed their great welcome to 72 Steel's presence in Pittsburgh, and on behalf of their own company and department, they will fully support 72 Steel's investment and establishment of a local factory.

In addition, 72 SteeL communicated with representatives of all parties on the further implementation of the Group's new steel plant project in Pittsburgh, and reached a consensus on some specific issues in the process of project promotion. 



Mr. LinHuabin, President of 72 Steel, said that he was very pleased to build a new 72 Steel project in Pittsburgh, the "steel capital" of the United States, and greatly appreciated the support of many local departments. He is very confident about the development of 72 Steel in Pittsburgh, and he believes that the brand of "72 Steel" will become bigger and stronger, creating a new era of "steel manufacturing capital".





Speaking from the former landowner, Mr Chunk, he had kept the land for a long time in order to find a company that could reach its maximum potential and truly contribute to the local economy and jobs. He later found that 7 2 Steel met all his expectations and believed that 72 Steel could achieve success in Pittsburgh, the "steel capital".



Chen Xiaozhong, former president of the American Fuqing Hometown Association, said that a few years ago, he was invited to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of Fuyao Glass's factory in the United States, and Cao Dewang achieved success in the United States as a representative of China's Fuqing people, and also let the world see the hard work and willingness of Fuqing people, daring to fight. Today, another Fuqing man, Lin Huabin, set out from the "steel capital" of the United States, hoping that this Fuqing person can achieve glory here and shape the "Chinese steel king" in the new era.



Dr. Xiaoyan Zhang, Advisor of 72 Steel, said that he was very pleased to meet with you in Pittsburgh and start a great journey. I hope to work together to support Mr. Lin to realize the dream of the first high-tech steel mill in the steel capital of the United States, and continue the footsteps of the glass king Cao Dewang to become the Chinese steel king in the United States!






In November 2021, Biden signed the bipartisan infrastructure law (the Investment and Jobs Act) to revive the U.S. economy. 72 STeel responded to this policy by launching this steel manufacturing project in Pittsburgh, once the "steel capital".



The proposed site for 72 S Teel's steel fabrication project is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The project covers an area of 43.96 acres with a total investment of approximately $218 million. Using the world's most advanced steel production technology, energy saving and consumption reduction, with an annual output of 500,000 tons of high-end steel production capacity. It mainly produces and sells all kinds of rebar and section steel (channel steel, flat steel, angle steel, steel plate, square steel, round steel, I-beam, etc.). Products are widely used in building structures, workshops, bridges and other industries. In the future, the comprehensive production capacity and output value of the steel project will reach 400 million US dollars.




Hereby, 72 Steel sincerely encourages investors to participate in various investments in the enterprise and establish long-term partnerships.

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