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72 Steel Builds the Chinese Steel Kingdom in Pittsburgh, the "Steel Capital" of the United States

72 Steel Builds the Chinese Steel Kingdom in Pittsburgh, the "Steel Capital" of the United States

72 Steel Builds the Chinese Steel Kingdom in Pittsburgh, the "Steel Capital" of the United States

Recently, the senior management of 72 Steel Company, local government officials, security units, supplier leaders and investors in Pittsburgh visited the company's new site in Pittsburgh, the "steel capital of the United States".


At the scene, Mr. Lin Huabin, President of 72 Steel, introduced the land to the guests and was full of confidence in the upcoming factory. He said that he was very happy to set up a factory in Pittsburgh, which is the "steel capital" of the United States, and many local departments have given great support and expressed his great gratitude. The address of the factory to be built is outstanding. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, it has convenient transportation, developed railways, highways, waterways, and abundant power supply. President Lin is very confident that he will lead 72 Steel to open a factory in Pittsburgh, take the company's development to a higher level, and contribute to the revitalization of the Pittsburgh economy and the American economy. At the same time, we will better expand and strengthen the brand of "72 Steel" and create a "steel manufacturing capital" in the new era.



Local government officials, support departments such as electricity, environmental protection, railways, and representatives of the company's equipment suppliers also inspected the land. Everyone expressed a great welcome to 72 Steel's entry into Pittsburgh, and said on behalf of their own company and department that they would make every effort to ensure that 72 Steel invested in the local factory and cooperated with the smooth operation of the factory.


The original landowner, Mr Chunk, also introduced the land with great interest. He said the land was vast and easily accessible, and there had always been no shortage of buyers, but he kept it looking for a company that could reach its full potential and contribute to the revitalization of the local economy and provide employment. Now, he's excited to have 72 Steel, which meets all his expectations, and he looks forward to what 72 Steel can do in Pittsburgh, the "steel capital."


In November 2021, Biden signed the bipartisan infrastructure law (the Investment and Jobs Act) to revive the U.S. economy. 72 Steel responded to this policy with the launch of this steel manufacturing project in Pittsburgh, the former "steel capital".



The proposed site for 72 Steel's steel fabrication project is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The project covers an area of 43.96 acres with a total investment of approximately $218 million. Pursuing energy saving and consumption reduction, it will use the world's most advanced steel production technology, with an annual output of 500,000 tons of high-end steel production capacity. It mainly produces and sells all kinds of rebar and section steel (channel steel, flat steel, angle steel, steel plate, square steel, round steel, I-beam, etc.). Products are widely used in building structures, workshops, bridges and other industries. In the future, the comprehensive production capacity and output value of the steel project will reach 400 million US dollars.


72 Steel is confident that it will successfully set up a factory in Pittsburgh, the "steel capital", so that the company can reach a higher level and create a brand image of "American Chinese steel king".


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